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With the ubiquity of the internet, survival of the fittest has become survival of the fittingest. Anyone can find anything at any given time, the question is: do you speak directly to your audience? A new tribalism is on the rise, Individuation is paramount, and it is in a company’s best interest to identify their client goals and connect to these people undeviatingly. This base clientele will become your fundamental fans and evangelists. Apotheosis is real in the brand space, and it’s time for yours to rise. 

Exceptional branding is timeless, and we know what's (flames emoji) af too. We have a pretty simple way we go about all of it. We communicate like humans (not wacky robots) to figure out what is best for your company, how to approach it, achieve it, and convey to your clients. Plus, we promise our conversations will not be games of lingo bingo. We work transparently and honestly to build your brand, together.

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SEMIOTICS: We care about knowledge, research, science and fact. We make things the way we do, so they work. We imbue your brand with spoken and unspoken language that makes for meaningful communication. 
SPACE: It is of the utmost importance that one understands where a brand exists, be that in the landscape of companies, or the positioning among clients' emotions. The space your brand inhabits tells your story. Visit Marston Studio!
SIGHT: A visual encounter is often the first people will have with your brand -- logo, website or otherwise. We’ll create a visual system that speaks volumes without words, and with words too.
SOUND: The world connects with rhythm. We connect you to your audience with an aural experience that keeps them emotionally connected and coming back.


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 "Parian marble statue of Aphrodite" (Roman period, version of a Greek original of the fourth century B.C.) | © THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM

Our CEO W. Marston Pierce is a sought after consultant and designer, who has been in the creative consulting industry for fifteen years. She started her illustrious career advising established companies in connecting with new audiences. Since then, she has continued to connect brand and audience, expanding her skill and knowledge through multiple industries, spanning fashion to music, tech to medical devices. Known for her simple and stunning aesthetic, she makes chic, approachable; and the mundane, beautiful. 

Marston Agency CEO Whitney Marsto Pierce Black and white fashion photo messy hair gold chain deep v neck


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