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Creating a brand experience that reels in your consumer with connection, simplicity, beauty, and ease; seamlessly moving your brand onward and upward with the identity you’ve always wanted; building a relationship with your target market, in a way they crave: this is what we do.

From concept to culmination, The Marston Agency takes your brand from ground level to industry leader, or from the middle of the pack, straight to the front. We take an academic approach to branding, in our eyes it's both an art and a science.

Your brand will be a clique that the world wants to be part of. Through semiotics, space, sight, and sound, invite your audience to join. With a combination of logic and magic, we make your brand the best version of itself, ready to thrive and grow.








  • Who are you?

  • What do you do?

  • Why?

  • Who do you do it for?

  • How do you connect to them?

  • Framework

  • Naming

  • Positioning

  • Messaging 

  • Identity

  • Values​

  • Voice

    • Messaging

    • Language

  • Company Culture

    • Internal

    • External

  • Boundaries

  • Client goals

  • Industry Focus

  • Visual Systems

  • Logotype

  • Logomark

  • ​Colors

  • Patterns

  • Style elements

  • Fonts/Usage 

  • Brand Book

  • Website

    • Architecture

    • Framework

    • Design

    • SEO

    • Mobile Website

    • Cross browser calibration

  • ​Social Icons/Profile & Wallpaper/Header Images

  • Business Cards

  • Letterhead

  • Form Templates

  • Email Signature

  • Signage

  • EPK (online and downloadable)



  • Marketing Consulting

  • Strategy

  • CRM Consulting

  • Email Marketing

  • Client Outreach

  • Property Acquisition

  • Content prototyping

  • Social Media

  • Hashtags, etc

  • Blast Scheduling

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