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Gillian Telling & Whitney Marston Pierce saying the shit you wish you had the balls to.

DIRTY GIRLS: The mostly real-life story of Maxim’s most infamous female sex columnist and her besties’ misadventures in the Lower East Side circa 2005

ABOUT US: When Gillian Met Whitney could definitely be a rom-com, if rom-coms were about women who have an almost freakish instant connection, finish each other’s jokes and love to drop "inappropriate" innuendos into every conversation. (Plus, they have both had affairs with famous people. Feed them enough wine and they just might tell you about them.) 

When it came time for Gillian to take the reins on developing her 2010 humor book Dirty Girls as a show set in New York’s Lower East Side scene in the early aughts, there was only one logical creative writer she wanted to partner with: a fellow real life Dirty Girl, one who was entrenched in the NYC Lower East Side music scene, lived it to the fullest, and somehow also lived to tell about it. In the middle of a very loud party at a bar, a creative partnership was born and very quickly so was some real raunchy magic.

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